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Current Favourite: Shadow Spots

Tricyrtis formosana "Dark Beauty"

Current Favourite: Leisure Garden

Aruncus dioicus

Current Favourite: Pollinator Garden

Monarda "Fishes"

The Grass is green ~ where you water it…

Vertical Garden


You can read about our take on the topic of “Urban Green” in our article in which we look at Living Roofs, Green Walls and Rain Gardens.

Here are a number of plants to consider when working with vertical growth: Thymus praecox “Albiflorus”, Heuchera “Midnight Rose”, Aubrieta “Blaumeise”, Lobularia “Lavender Stream”, Satureja douglassii “Yerba Buena”.

Climate Resilient


It is a much discussed issue nowadays with advancing climate change and unpredictability in weather: plants that can handle extremes.

Here is our selection of perennials that don’t mind too much water or too little in clashing opposition: Iris sib. “Butter and Sugar”, Filpendula “Kahomé”, Eupatorium maculatum “Riesenschirm”and Ajuga reptans “Chocolate Chips”.

Colours that captivate & enchant...

Pretty in Blue

Veronica spicata

Cool Fires

Crocosmia 'Orange Pekoe'

Dainty White Charmer

Cerastium tomentosum

Pink Ball Gowns

Bergenia ‘Pink Dragonfly’

A Quiet Beauty

Lobelia Regatta "Blue Splash"