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In the mid 19th century globally parks were built for recreation and to combat pollution, think of Central Park, New York and Bois de Vincennes, Paris.

More than a century and a half later, we did not stop constructing: tall buildings and networks of streets perpetuate the picture of larger cities. Nature has been forced to the background. And this was not to anyone’s advantage.

New concepts and ideas are slowly making their way to changing the air quality and to bringing back green into our metropoles.

At Rijnbeek we welcome these developments and are embracing partnerships and alliances to forward this tremendously important evolution.

More plants – everywhere

One thing is crystal clear: we need to change our landscaping.

Since our business is perennials, we believe that we have to play a major role in this movement. As a supplier but also as a partner in the dialogue and creational processes.

We try to do this in 3 ways:

·       We work together with bespoke landscape designers

·       We provide specialised advise aimed at increasing urban green

·       We continuously update our assortment with new species that help further this development

Green Walls

From Hawaii over Dubai to London, Paris and Warsaw: you can see, feel and breath them in all over the globe.

What started off with mosses many years ago, has quickly developed into vertical mini-eco systems providing habitats for a wide range of animalia, converting tons of CO2 and improving human health.

The latest systems provide hidden irrigation, use real soil and can host an array of perennials or even bulbs.

Living Roofs

In Norway, a common sight and a cultural tradition dating back centuries. Originally used to isolate structures against the outside cold.

Depending on the rooftop construction it is not unusual for the rooftop to connect to a hill, therefore allowing goats to graze the rooftops.

It has finally found its way to a broader public and can even be applied using DIY packages for a lawn mower refuge.

Rooftop Gardens

These sky-kissing beauties naturally reduce pollution, help combat the rising temperatures in overheated cities and are psychologically as well as physically healthy for human beings.

Additionally, they help bring back animal- and insect life back to the city.

Every piece of grey can be an opportunity to find out how to expand flora and fauna and either replace or cover it to bring back nature.

We have contributed to many projects and have a growing selection and expertise on offer. We are at your service, please contact us for more information.

Join us and let’s re-green our cities together!

Park of Dutch Dreams

Rijnbeek Perennials is a part of the new ambitious and exciting project Park of Dutch Dreams planned and designed by several well-known Dutch landscape architects in cooperation with one of the world’s most famous garden architect Piet Oudolf.We have contributed to many projects and have a growing selection and expertise on offer. We are at your service, please contact us for more information.

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