Garden Centers

It can be a challenge to deliver plants amongst surging influencer stories, seasonal influences and climate change.

Or to even be able to figure out which trend to give preference to on your storefront.

There is only that much space you have and there is only that much attention span you can capture. What is an optimal setting?

How to find the most innovative plants that can bring a wow-effect to your clientelle?


Chance of Change

Customer diversity: it’s an opportunity


Social Media

With the rise of social media and the all-over appeal of a store it is a justified question to ask:
How to appeal to such a diverse demographic?

Newby gardeners can be intimidated by all the gardening terminology and tools. Making it easy and accessible but also visually attractive is key to success.

Combine your knowledge on- and offline to strengthen your position 

Are you still being served with a simple order and deliver party?

Or are you looking for a sparring partner and a reliable resource of know-how?

Or maybe you are looking into the question of how to bring back the plants to the store – versus how not to become a novel decoration and -accessories selling mart?


Of Both Worlds

Working with us means that you are assured to have first hand plant innovations at your disposal. This can help in attracting a diverse group of potential shoppers.

We also keep a close watch on industry developments and influencers, it saves you the work and gives you space to focus on your personnel and clients.

Let us know, how can we help you?