Urban Jungle Mix

The Urban Jungle mix lets your dark city garden or wet and shadow spaces of your natural garden shine in a completely new light!

Below you’ll find a couple examples of species suitable for a Jungle Mix:

  • Carex pilosa ‘Copenhagen Select’
  • Heuchera ‘Pools of Purple’ ®
  • Brunnera macr. ‘Jack’s Gold’ ®
  • Veronica long. ‘Melanie White’ ®
  • Epimedium pub. ‘Orangekönigin’


we are experiencing heavy cloudbursts and due to climate change these downpours will become more frequent and stronger in size. Rain garden mix trap rainwater and help absorb more water than the conventional landscapes such as lawns or paved ways.

These structures can be particularly useful right under a roof downspout or on a lawn prone to flooding. Urban planners love them because they’re relatively cheap to build, easy to maintain, don’t take up much space, and can still be beautiful.