Our Innovations

Inspiration from nature

We aim to contribute to restoring the balance between humanity and nature using local ecology.

With inspirations from the wild, it is possible to create low-maintenance plantings for a highrange of diversity in the garden.

Plantings which don’t require a lot of irrigation, but do bring a cooling and decorative value with blooming throughout the seasons and nice winter features.

Plantings which are important to biodiversity and whom can survive future extremities of climate change and even benefit from it.

DOPA plant pots

“Plant pots made from recycled paper and Plantics bio-resins. These beautiful pots are fully compostable and at the same time suited for large-scale automated cultivation in green houses.

Superior: one pot suitable for cultivation in greenhouses and use in homes and gardens.

Natural: made of recycled paper and Plantics bio-resins, home compostable, up to 50% CO2-reduction, natural look and feel.”


Recycling plastic


The mean lifetime of packaging plastics is less than a year. When we look at the incredible amount of planting pots that comes and goes, to us, there can be no other option:  we only work with recycled pots.

Circulair economy is, we think, key to a sustainable future for our planet. Therefore, it is not only important that the plant pots we use are made of recycled materials but that they can be recycled at the end of their life cycle, too.

Additionally, our plant trays are recycled and recylable. They are available via deposit and were designed in a robust way in order to minimise breakage & thus waste.

Last year we achieved a 30% return rate on our trays contributing to our all-over waste minimisation goal.