Drought Resistant Mix

The Drought Resistant Mix allows you to make a vibrant coloured display that develop deep roots, resists heat.

Below you’ll find a couple examples of species suitable for a Drought Resistant Mix:

  • Antirrhinum majus ‘Oh That’s Cute’®
  • Centaurea mont. Tini’s Pink’®
  • Gaura lind. Ice Cool Rosy®
  • Salvia greggi ‘Runway’®
  • Euphorbia seguieriana nicicina

The drought resistant plants are perfect for long dry periods. They also fit well with the edges and helpwith softening the frontal garden or the façade part where the ground consists of sand foundation.

By using complementing plant combinations we can harden your garden and maintain a higher moisture level to surpass the dry periods with little irrigation.

The emphasis lies here on cost reduction by introducing a simple planting concept with a low maintenance, we’re offering a ready-made sales table with mixes of climate proof plants.