Biodiversity Mix

The Biodiversity Mix allows you to make your garden into an insect magnet helping the surrounding area with its populations of different species.

Below you’ll find a couple examples of species suitable for a Biodiversity Mix:

  • Allium ‘In Orbit’ ®
  • Calamintha nep. ‘Triumphator’
  • Linaria ‘Peachy‘
  • Rudbeckia fulg. ‘Forever Gold’ ®
  • Salvia ‘Purple Spring‘ ®
  • Geum ‘Fiery Red’


What we need to do is bring back the blooming and the buzzing into our sterilized garden plots. We need to start defining a “Design Garden” as designed by proxy for pollinators and animal life.

We believe that biodiversity begets biodiversity. Plant a wide variety of flowers and it will attract a wide variety of pollinators. The hugely diverse flowers of this mix are variously shaped, scented and sized.

These plants are generous with their pollen and nectar and are selected because of their attraction for bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects. Several species in the mix of produce edible seeds to benefit songbirds even after the colours have faded.