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You can count on us, all of the time.


In-House Process

We deliver to any address worldwide.

As an example if you are situated in Germany but would like delivery to take place in Canada – we are able to accommodate, organise and customise to all your needs.

And because we have the entire process, from the moment you start your customer journey with us until the very end, 100% in-house you are in control 100% of the time.

We are a one-stop-shop for all your perennial needs!

It has become a standard in many industries: outsourcing parts of the delivery or product chain to external parties. 
Although, it can have its advantages this practice does pose 3 major downsides:


1. Quality standards cannot be guaranteed all-over the chain in an equalised manner

2. Communication can be fractioned and lead to longer downtimes and/or inefficiencies between parties


3. Keeping an overview of all the moving parts requires higher personnel involvement and can be a challenge when a timed and orchestrated delivery is needed or a combination between different elements is one of the requirements.

By selecting Rijnbeek Perennials you select a partner, knowledge expert and advisor in one.

We pride ourselves in our longstanding tradition to servicing customers for already 3 generations.

Our quality standards are higher than the industry norm and our service orientation is bespoke. Our customers are testimony to this promise.

With a churn rate of less than 1% p/a we are best in class.

We deliver to our promise.

What you can expect from us is a complete experience from the moment you pick up the phone to contact us for the first time until you have received your order.

And way beyond that!

Our communication lines are clear, quick and on time. We are lead by transparency and committment. 

Should a mistake happen on our end we will always make fitting amends. 

Afterall, we are all only human and our product is that of nature. Unpredictable scenarious are part of life.

What we strive to achieve is to really minimise their impact with our approach.